Chef's whites need to be clean, and if you run a restaurant, you have three options when it comes to cleaning uniforms. You can let your employees clean their own uniforms, you can clean them for them or you can outsource the cleaning to the pros. Here's a look at the benefits of outsourcing the job.

1. Assured Cleanliness

A commercial kitchen can be brutal on clothing. Grease strains, sauce splatters and sweat are all in a day's work, and when you give these stains to the pros, you can rest assured that your whites will come back looking perfectly clean.

If your employees clean their own uniforms, they may struggle to get them clean. Commercial machines tend to have hotter water than residential machines, and if your employees are using a laundromat, that can be even riskier—many laundromats don't consistently have hot water as it tends to run out due to the excessive demands.

2. Crisp, Ironed Look

In addition to cleaning, many professional laundering services also offer ironing. Your employees may be great at shaking pans, but they might not even own an iron or know how to use it efficiently.

According to one survey, only 9% of people iron every day, and 41% of people iron once a month or less. It's a dying art, and if you want the uniforms to look crisp, you may want to turn over the task to people who do this art professionally on a daily basis.

3. Food Safety Considerations

When your uniforms are professionally cleaned, your employees get to come to work every day and put on a fresh, clean uniform. This cleanliness helps with food safety issues, and it helps you stay compliant with the laws.

In particular, providing clean uniforms ensures that your workers don't wear the uniforms on their commutes, and by extension, it ensures that they don't pick up any stains or debris that could threaten the cleanliness or safety of the food in your facility.

4. Branding Potential

The way your employees look directly reflects on your brand. Your staff’s appearance is critical if you have an open kitchen, but even if your kitchen is in the back, your diners may occasionally see your chefs or line cooks walking through the dining room. If you have staff who bus tables, you want them looking sharp in professionally laundered uniforms as well.

When you provide uniforms for your employees, you also ensure that they don't wear their uniforms out after hours. As a result, you don't have to worry about your employees potentially misrepresenting the company while wearing a uniform that's branded with your restaurant's logo.

5. Great Employee Perk

In addition to benefitting you and your business, outsourcing uniform washing also helps your employees. Cheffing is hard and hot work. If you have salaried chefs, they likely work more than a full-time schedule.

With their plates so full, it's hard to find time for extra tasks outside of work, and they may not want to deal with scrubbing stains, washing whites and ironing. When you outsource their whites to a professional laundering service, you save your staff the trouble. This service is a welcome perk to most employees. 

6. Savings on Equipment

If you are thinking about washing employee's uniforms for them, you will need to invest in a professional washing machine, dryer and other equipment. Dealing with a laundering service saves you on those costs. It also saves you time so you can focus on what's important in your business.

7. Bundle With Other Services

Finally, when you get your chef's whites professionally cleaned, you can bundle that task with other services. For instance, you can get table linens and kitchen towels laundered as well.
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