Owning a restaurant is something you enjoy, and you want to always have pride in the establishment you've created. One way to make your restaurant shine is to have a clean atmosphere your customers can enjoy.

While you make sure that tables and kitchen areas are cleaned every day (often many times a day) and that the windows are spic and span, there are other essential aspects to your dining establishment you shouldn't ignore.

Linens that see high traffic or ample use should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Here is just a small list of the things you should be having professionally cleaned and how often you need to use a laundry service for them.

Tablecloths and Napkins

If you use cloth tablecloths and napkins for your dining guests, then they should be removed and set aside for laundering after every use. This helps prevent the spread of germs and disease (even a basic hand towel or cloth napkin can contain traces of fecal matter) and keeps your linens looking clean and fresh.

Hire a laundry service to remove your collected table linens once or more a week. A laundering service can come to your restaurant to remove the items that need to be cleaned and then bring them back to you. It's wise to keep a large stock of tablecloths and napkins in your inventory so you can rotate your linens as they are used.

Dish Towels and Cloths

Dish towels are among the most filthy items in the restaurant business. One way to prevent germs and bacteria from getting kitchen cutlery and tables is to soak all unused rags in bleach water. About a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of cool water is ideal for keeping rags clean.

Like your tablecloths and napkins, it's wise to have your wash rags and towels professionally laundered on a weekly basis. This extra cleaning method helps ensure that disease and bacteria don't get spread to other areas of your restaurant and helps keep a healthier work and eating environment.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are used in restaurants to help prevent falls and to keep the flooring underneath clean and tidy. You likely use floor mats near salad bars and drink stations, in your main entry, and by your cash register.

While floor mats don't directly come in contact with food and may not seem to pose a germ hazard, they do harbor allergens and other debris that patrons and employees track in with them on their feet. They can also get dirty from food and drinks that get dropped on the ground, leaving them foul-smelling and more likely to harbor bacteria.

You should make sure your floor mats are shaken out (outdoors, preferably) and vacuumed every day as part of your regular cleaning regimen. If you wish, have them cleaned along with the rest of your laundered items, or have them professionally laundered every other week. Your laundry specialist can give you further advice for how often you should clean floor mats.

Your laundry service provider will be able to come to your establishment to collect the items that need special cleaning. They will also return the items to you in a timely manner so you don't have interruptions in your dining services. Talk to a laundering company about how much laundry services cost and if you can be placed on an automatic pick-up and delivery schedule for your laundered items.

A clean restaurant is more pleasant to dine in and work in. Our team of laundering experts at Superior Linen Service are able to care for all your restaurant linen cleaning needs.